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The Woodrow's family website is to share some interesting travel tips, photographs from this branch o f the Scottish Woodrow family. 

The information on the site can be divided into four main categories:

  • Woodrow Family History:  Select the Genealogy navigation button to go to this section. 

    • This is the main Woodrow website for the Scottish branch of the Woodrow family. 

      • For the new visitor to this site whose primary interest is the family history of the Woodrow's you will find a family tree that can be go back to the 18th Century.  

    • Find family lines with the surnames:

      • Woodrow, , Kirkwood, Jamieson, Bartlett, Bidwell, Grimm, Young, plus:

      • Atkinson, Black, Hawkins, Hill, Paterson, Rosales, Strathern, Thomson, Watt.

    • The Woodrow has spread to the family trees spreads to the following countries:

      • Scotland, England, Australia, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, USA.

  • Family Photographs:

    • Recent photographs of some of the recent Woodrow family events

  • Travel Information: 

    • Personal travel information and ideas for those thinking of making trips to:

      • China, Japan, Latin America, South Africa, UAE,  and USA.

    • Some good hotels we have stayed around the world

    • A few memorable restaurants

  • Keil School, Dumbarton:
    • Some photos. and information about Keil, my secondary school
    • Information for Keil School Old Girls and Boys.
  • Woodrow Sub-sites: This is version two of the website, developed as a front end to a number of sub-sites for the Woodrow family.  The sub-sites can be seen by going to Links.

The tartan shown in the header is that of "Ancient Campbell of Argyll" and is the this Woodrow family tartan, with our ancestors originating on the West Coast of Scotland, in the Northern part of Argyll, the Kintyre peninsula and on the Isle of Islay.